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Children's Camp

Details are still being finalised, but there is a camp being planned for our children in Grades 5, 6 and 7 on the weekend of November 10-12. This is being developed to help support families and encourage our children through a significant time of transition. It will be designed to further strengthen the relationships between leaders & children across these ministries. Look out for more information to come. 

Men's Getaway

This weekend is happening on October 13-15, in Halls Gap, staying at Norval.
Oue speaker for the weekend is Justin Gall from Geelong. Justin is a dad, pastor, musician and communicator. He will be leading the conversations on "Tests, Trials and Trailblazing”. This is always a great weekend for men to cheer each other through the adventure that it is to follow Jesus.
Is there someone you can invite? Most of us are going through Tests and Trials or want to be blazing a trail. Let’s explore it together. 

Churches of Christ Women's Retreat

The weekend will be facilitated by the Red Cliffs Church of Christ on September 8-10.
Naomi Thorne is a dynamic and passionate communicator. Her message will be a great encouragement to many. Further details can be found here https://www.redcliffschurchofchrist.org.au/ccvt-women-s-retreat
Registrations close on August 25.
Horsham Church of Christ
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